can we get an edit option on Mastodon instead of a "Delete & redraft".

@freemo @indiauplko I would oppose. Just think about how it could be abused - you boost something and suddenly the content of the message changes.

@kekcoin @indiauplko Well it would have to keep a record of the edit history along with the original post. The boost would show the original not the edited. Though the person boosting could opt to get notifications and switch their boost to the latest version.

Long story short if done right it shouldnt be an issue.

@freemo @indiauplko Interesting take. Not sure if it's even possible in the protocol, and I guess for most purposes "delete and redraft" is good enough without a protocol extension.

@indiauplko IMO, edit is always a risk option because people can change the meaning of their message after getting visibility, otherwise if you have to delete it, you can't use that technique.

@criw True. I agree.. But I made a few spelling mistakes.. and to prevent myself being whipped by the grammer nazis.. i wanted to update.. but someone liked my previous toot.. and that like is now swallowed by the abyss..

I think it's some sort of accountability problem.

Which, okay, just have a version history. (I wish version history for edited comments were standard procedure for most/all major platforms of this type, frankly.)

@indiauplko Pulleeezzzeee! I need this! Or, more accurately anyone who might actually want to read my toots needs this

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