Yet another insightful question about my engagement with mastodon here.

If I'm going to be honest, my perspective hasn't much changed about Mastodon except insofar as I've learned more disturbing things about the history of users of color and other marginalized groups on the platform. I've also learned some pretty not great implications for the existing affordances of the fediverse, many of which I've outlined in other places.

@shengokai Might there be a way to turn the tech-bro culture you referred to into an advantage? From my own limited experience, it seems that there are many inclusive communities here. If you have a sufficient number of privileged people who are inclined to be inclusive, could there be a way to raise their awareness and solicit their help in establishing a better foundation for more marginalized groups?

I have seen a high concentration of people with a background in science here. These are people who enjoy solving problems, and many of them are aware that including more perspectives makes for better solutions. Could you better define the problems that they could solve, and offer them some perspectives to solve them from?

I would love to help amplify the voices of people who need more representation. I’m not sure how to do that.


@IAmErik @shengokai I would say “better define the problem” is exactly the sort of thing Dr. Flowers is doing here. I think the best place to start is to continue to follow and listen. It is really hard to get outside ourselves due to having different experiences and we’re unlikely to be able to help without steeping ourselves in what isn’t working. There aren’t likely to be any quick fixes.

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