@jrm4 @BlackAzizAnansi I hope I'm not stepping out of line by responding to a post addressed to "black folks" but I really appreciate this sentiment. Please keep doing it. I love to see people who are clearly passionate or even mad but still willing to talk about what doesn't work and how to make it better. And by doing it in a more public place others can hopefully learn by observing. I'm looking for more ways to contribute positively but frankly have so much to watch and learn first I'm starting there.

@jrm4 @BlackAzizAnansi Also feeling awkward about the quotes in the above post. The intent was to just quote the grandparent post but in my mind someone reading my post aloud is making ironic air quotes or something. Not the intent. I just tend to butt in to people's conversations and don't want to do that if it is unwelcome.

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