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I'm teaching about prison conditions in my sentencing class this week, and I'll never not be stunned by this picture of a group therapy session in San Quentin.

How can any therapy work under these conditions? They're doing the (non-sectarian, incredibly crass, sometimes worse) lord's work. I don't know of anything bad... I'd suggest checking urban dictionary.

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Thanks. I heard about the name but didn't know it was actually created, not just an idea.

@ceperez I think I get it, just a little. The three sets of three concentric circles each are basically rotations in three axes, but flattened out. Which means for any given set of three concentric circles, that set will surround the dots representing one face completely and the dots representing another face will be completely outside the circle. So rotating one of the three concentric circles corresponds to leaving those two faces unchanged. Clever! Maybe I could actually learn how to solve it (very slowly) with this diagram in hand.

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Well, finally after all these years, someone's got an intuitive explanation of the moves required for Rubik's cube!




@jrm4 @BlackAzizAnansi Also feeling awkward about the quotes in the above post. The intent was to just quote the grandparent post but in my mind someone reading my post aloud is making ironic air quotes or something. Not the intent. I just tend to butt in to people's conversations and don't want to do that if it is unwelcome.

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs Well done. The cat depicted in this profile loves the top of the fridge. Gotta put up some more shelves intended for climbing that have just been sitting in their packaging.

@jrm4 @BlackAzizAnansi I hope I'm not stepping out of line by responding to a post addressed to "black folks" but I really appreciate this sentiment. Please keep doing it. I love to see people who are clearly passionate or even mad but still willing to talk about what doesn't work and how to make it better. And by doing it in a more public place others can hopefully learn by observing. I'm looking for more ways to contribute positively but frankly have so much to watch and learn first I'm starting there.

@allflooby @worldhistoryfacts If there's one thing today's movie industry loves it is remakes. This is an idea whose time has come... again.

@kikobar @rbreich Inflation will never be even, though. Three reasons I can come up with quickly:

1. The parts of the economy closest to where the inflation occurs get to spend their money earlier (before it inflates as much).

2. Entities that have pricing power in the market can capture far more of that inflated price (think highly consolidated oil and food producers). So other entities (your locally-owned store or restaurant) increase their prices due to the increased cost of inputs but actually make less profit.

3. Inflation can't possibly be well-distributed between borrowers and lenders on a fixed-interest loan. The lender loses since they loaned pre-inflation money but are paid post-inflation.

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Thorny oysters (family Spondylidae) are more closely related to scallops, but resemble oysters in many ways due to a shared lifestyle of living cemented to surfaces. The shell spines they have are a defensive adaptation to make it harder for shell drilling/peeling/crushing shells to access their shells. The spines also attract other life forms (epibionts) to live on their shells, which serve as camouflage! #ClamFacts

@wackomedia @shengokai For me, this sounds way too much like techno-utopianism. It's an easy trap to fall into but it _is_ a trap. Please forgive the following flippancy, it is not directed at you just exaggerating for effect. There was a strain early on of "Twitter created the Arab Spring. This is the end of history, democracy wins, checkmate!"

There is some potential to do it differently this time. Some fundamental parts of the system are different than before. An end state of pre-Musk Twitter isn't good enough and it is totally plausible based on current trajectory that this ends up far worse than Twitter. It will take the effort of many to ensure that doesn't happen.

@IAmErik @shengokai I would say “better define the problem” is exactly the sort of thing Dr. Flowers is doing here. I think the best place to start is to continue to follow and listen. It is really hard to get outside ourselves due to having different experiences and we’re unlikely to be able to help without steeping ourselves in what isn’t working. There aren’t likely to be any quick fixes.

@paninid @shengokai In a sense, that's true. But unfortunately in a very real, much more pertinent sense the place has been red-lined from day one, one neighbor has rats and the other neighbor is a literal Nazi. But at least the houses on most sides of the Nazi house have really high fences! I have some hope for the Fediverse but it is tempered by a still probably wholly-inadequate amount of skepticism.

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@aquarius What I did was open the profile, triple-dots, Add or Remove from lists > click the blue X next to Home, click the + next to the lists it should appear in.

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@aquarius Can't you make a follow only get delivered to a list, not to Home? I'm doing that currently.

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shout out to paleolithic people for petting those wolves, you did us a solid

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