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I love when I can get a heron to fill the frame. My #nikon AF-S 300/4 continually punches above its weight.

@freemo @obi @trinsec @khird I’m in favor of the wording change. I understand that it isn’t a change in policy but I have seen in a number of situations people were misinterpreting the previous wording. I don’t think it will appease anyone and that shouldn’t be the purpose anyway. If it helps newcomers (of who there are many) understand what we stand for more clearly I’m in favor.

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Gabrielle Union wearing 2008 Elie Saab for the #London premiere of Strange #World.
#Photography by Morgan Lay.

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So Saturn has this moon Iapetus. Besides being a really fun word to say, this moon is pretty cool. And not only because it's made primarily out of ice. It has a striking appearance with the leading hemisphere taking a reddish-brownish coloring; the rest is icy white.

But it gets better... Iapetus has this weird equatorial ridge, 1,300km long and up to 13km high. No idea how they got there!

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/CICLOPS/Kevin M. Gill

#Saturn #Iapetus #Cassini #Space #Science #Astrodon

Consider that it is generally well-accepted that a well-run instance should mark bot accounts as such. Should accounts representing a group of people rather than a single individual be marked in some analogous way? What sort of relationships and funding mechanisms should be allowed/disclosed between large corporations, influencers and instances?

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Accounts representing companies have started to be created. Some were created a few weeks ago (maybe others even longer) like @Raspberry_Pi

Two new ones mentioned in

are @cariad_tech and @VWGroup

It is time to start thinking about instance moderation and what moderation looks like for group accounts and corporate-owned accounts. I doubt the answers will be the same in all parts of the Fediverse. 🍿

@Tinu And now I'm a Baratunde-follower as well.

@Some_Emo_Chick I like that there are a good proportion of people here trying to hold each other to a higher standard without being dicks.

I've held back long enough. It is time to share an excellent video of throat singing from Aryuna Nimaeva.

@Some_Emo_Chick Thanks, I see that you do. Not trying to call you out. Sorry if it came across that way.

@skanman I try to do that but please know it is genuine, not just a rhetorical trick.

@Some_Emo_Chick Thanks for sharing this. I generally like a link to the artist along with their work. Here's the best I could find:
This appears to be the same person and also has a thumbnail of this work, unlike the other official-looking and probably also legit websites referencing "Atmonez".

@MrsDi @BE @freemo @EubieDrew Or maybe he's just had like 15 white russians. The dude abides.

@skanman @jkr Excellent illustration and sentiment. Let's also remember the human element. Before people can even engage with something that challenges their current perspective, they need to feel safe. We're human first of all, for better or... it's just for better.

@XanIndigo Or another one I liked was to change the mastodon logo to be a stylized mastodon acting as a locomotive conductor. 🚂
I don't like the emoji in this font.

@XanIndigo I'm a little surprised the fix wasn't just to add an emoji to the button in place of the exclamation point. 🎺

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@AdamKorengold @Some_Emo_Chick Ok, hear me out. Buy the whole damn domain (ending .xyz) just to post this picture. When people note that you're missing the 'w', redirect them to the the www subdomain.

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