black person here and THIS ALL DAY.

I am *regularly* accused of "siding with Nazis" for still being on Twitter.

These clowns don't understand that -- yes, I do encourage people to look elsewhere, but Twitter is still a *deeply* important part of black networking, whether casual or organizational.

Then people have the nerve to condescend about it, as if WE'RE not the ones who are EXPERTS at navigating spaces owned by the bad guys.

#blackmastodon #blacktwitter #mastodon

@jrm4 @supernovae There's no reason not to be on Twitter if you find it useful, and many people do. None have illusions about it's "management", but there are still important things that go with it, despite the garbage.

@randulo @supernovae

Oooh, you hit it.

Correct, no one actually has illusions about its management

A TON of condescending goofballs here at Mastodon, however, are absolutely certain that people like me don't get it. Just have NO nuance on this at all.

"You don't seem to understand, it's run by a wannabe Nazi, and Nazi's were very bad for Jewish people"

like *biiiiitch* you think I don't know that? I've done my homework, you haven't done yours...

#blackmastodon #blackfedi #mastodon

@jrm4 @randulo @supernovae I’m sorry you still see these, I sort of tuned them out. I have some people I like and follow and still occasionally going about this but way less then before.

I also go back there for info from Doha/Qatar, look up Qatari friends/Twitter buds.

What worked for me here is to unfollow and mute and block. There was a point when it got really annoying but by then I enjoyed being here too much to give it up.

@boby_biq @randulo @supernovae

Oh no, I don't mind engaging.

If anything, the opposite. I have a resilience to this sort of thing (i'm 47 and went to an all white school for 1-12th, this is nothing..) When I step away from the computer (never do social media on a phone) I forget about all of it

Bigger picture, I want to see Mastodon thrive because I know it's the better model. Probably why I stick around for all of it.

It's ..fun? that's a weird way to put it, but yeah


@jrm4 @boby_biq @randulo @supernovae@universeodon.com I was raised Jewish and have stayed away from Twitter for that reason, after initially leaving b/c my retired union officer wife didn’t like how Elon canned 1000s of employees w/o notice. But I definitely miss the network of Black scientists there who educated me in so many ways. It’s not up to you to cut yourself off from a viable network, it’s up to all of us to make an alternative network just as viable.

(BTW, as one of about a dozen Jewish kids in a 2000-student high school, I got a very small taste of what you’re talking about.)

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