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Wind power has moved to first place among sources of electric power in the UK!

It's close. 32.4% of the UK’s electricity came from wind farms in the first quarter of 2023, narrowly edging out natural gas at 31.7%. Wind, solar, hydro and nuclear totaled 48.9%, and biomass brings it up to 54.4%.

But the UK needs to speed up. They're aiming to make all electricity production carbon neutral by 2035. But so many new wind and solar projects are applying to connect to the electrical grid that the wait times are enormous, up to 15 years. Right now £200 billion worth of projects are on hold, waiting for permission to hook up!

A lot of investment is required to restructure the grid, and probably a greater sense of urgency at the National Grid, which "says it is tightening up the criteria for projects to apply so only the really promising ones join the queue."

Wind power moves to first place:


Waiting to connect to the grid:


@jrm4 @boby_biq @randulo @supernovae I was raised Jewish and have stayed away from Twitter for that reason, after initially leaving b/c my retired union officer wife didn’t like how Elon canned 1000s of employees w/o notice. But I definitely miss the network of Black scientists there who educated me in so many ways. It’s not up to you to cut yourself off from a viable network, it’s up to all of us to make an alternative network just as viable.

(BTW, as one of about a dozen Jewish kids in a 2000-student high school, I got a very small taste of what you’re talking about.)

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Apparently there's going to be a new Three Musketeers movie with a Black D'Artagnan, and the usual suspects are doing the usual howling about wokeness and ahistoricity and so on. So here's your regular reminder the The Three Musketeers was written by a Black man. Dumas' father was the son of an enslaved African woman and a French Marquis (not a pretty story there), and he rose to become a hero of the French Revolutionary Wars and a General-in-Chief in the French army.

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What would you say if I told you there was a state in Germany (which also has a federal system in which education is largely in the hands of the sixteen states) that was effectively outlawing the teaching of any critical reading of Germany’s history and present? (Thread - 1/)

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Anyone who read a single page about the scourge of #pertussis in the 1930s would never advocate a return to the pre-vaccine era. Prenatal #vaccination protects both the pregnant person and the fetus from many infections that can maim or kill.

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Mastodon’s federated nature makes it highly-resistant to takeover by oligarchs, and even more highly-resistant to destruction, but it does have its downsides.

One is localized shutdowns. A very popular mastodon server (mastodon.lol, 17k active) is shutting down completely because the owner is tired of dealing with the messages he’s been getting, and doesn’t want to pass control to anyone else, since he pledged absolute privacy for existing members. Another popular server (mastodon.au, 6.5k active) announced a shutdown, but has apparently been rescued by someone who is operating it in what he calls “no-new-users mode.” In both cases, three months notice was given, and mastodon allows people who move from one server to another to take their following/followers list with them, but not their post/comment history.

So that one is a negative with some positive aspects (90 days notice, partial migration options).

The other is defederation. Again, there are positives and negatives to this. More positives than negatives overall, but definitely negative for me personally. On the one hand, it’s very easy to block bad actors at a high level so that individual users need not even be aware they exist. On the other hand, server owners can defederate from any other server at any time for any reason, and there is no recourse or appeal for anyone involved. I happen to be on a server with an admin who seems to rub people the wrong way. While some very active blockers acknowledge that my server shouldn’t be blocked on that basis alone, others have decided that since this server’s admin doesn’t defederate as much as they would like, he should himself be defederated.

It’s clear that this server is an edge case for some people. Strict policies against racism and hate speech and so on seem to be enforced, and nobody can seem to point to any examples of bad actors whose accounts haven’t been suspended, but the owner insists on using the “academic free speech” label, which is one word longer than a label used by people fond of hate speech, and his attempts to get people to look closer and realize it’s a well-moderated server sound suspiciously like the sea-lioning people fond of hate speech frequently engage in.

A more principled person might stand their ground and insist that right is right, and pressuring people into defederating is intolerant bullying, but honestly, if I had known it was going to be such an issue, I’d probably have switched servers before writing and boosting 850 posts, many of which are longer than the maximum length allowed by most mastodon servers.

Now I’m in this spot where, during Black History Month, I’m boosting @mekkaokereke’s daily posts about white history, but he doesn’t know that, because his server limits mine. I’ve recommended that people follow him, but I myself cannot, because he is set to approve all followers, and he’ll never see my request because, again, his server limits mine. I’ve posted comments in response to his posts that have picked up some engagement, as people have starred and boosted my comment far and wide, but he’ll never know that. In fact, although qoto.org does not actually appear on the hachyderm.io list of blocked (defederated) servers, it’s clear that server has limited mine. That means that I can see his content when others boost it, but he can’t see mine unless he follows me, which he won’t because he doesn’t know I exist.

I noticed just today that one of his recent posts has five responses I can see on my server, including my own, and also has five responses on his server, including one I can’t see on my server. His server doesn’t list my popular comment, but does list a comment from another server that completely blocks mine.

And that’s weird! It’s confusing if you don’t understand what’s happening, and a definite downside that people who probably agree on everything are blocked from seeing each other because of disagreements at some other level out of their control. I do have some recourse: I could switch servers. I probably will someday. But that recourse is not without downsides itself.

I could switch to a single-user instance, and then I would be nobody’s mercy. But I would also have to work hard to build up the view I have now, since my local feed would be only me, and my federated feed would reach no farther than the servers I already know about. I could switch to another big instance, but even they don’t seem to be immune to shutdowns or defederation, as mastodon.art (8k active) blocking mastodon.social (146k active) demonstrates.

I could have picked a different starting server, but I was told over and over that “it doesn’t really matter,” and this one has a lot of upsides along with this downside.

Ultimately, the federated web is messy, and I don’t think there’s a solution that doesn’t make things worse for those on the receiving end of targeted harassment. I’d rather deal with this than be subject to the whims of a single owner, but at least I’m aware – and now you are aware – that there are some downsides.

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Spider stars systems are binaries in which a pulsar blasts it’s stellar companion with high energy radiation eroding it. Astronomers have detected the first gamma Ray eclipse from such a system… but why is that significant? space.com/spider-system-pulsar

@WKCosmo Apparently not. 🙂 Here, a preview of a science book to be published in the near future that you might find interesting: book2look.com/book/9inqc2C2Yv

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'But if healthy people who like to take risks are not in the pool, insurance becomes prohibitively expensive and insurance companies expend huge effort on excluding those most likely to need it. That way lies the US disaster — the world’s most expensive and least effective health system.'


@RELenski It's wonderful to see you. It's certainly a thrill. 🙂 (Going to skip the next lines about wanting to take you home with us so as not to be creepy, even in jest.)

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For those interested in #evolution, here's a blog post I wrote about Stephen Jay Gould's famous book "Wonderful Life" and the genesis of the #LTEE.


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Republicans just voted AGAINST banning breast implants for youth in their bill that bans gender affirming care for trans youth.

Its clear that Republicans are ONLY targeting trans youth.

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Terrible news.

We have our first bill that will ban gender affirming care for transgender youth that has passed a committee.

Utah SB16 will be heading for a full senate vote.

It will harm all trans youth in Utah.

"It is strange for the legislature to be practicing medicine."

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Thanks for your question congresswoman. There’s no data to suggest increased fetal demise after COVID vaccination, but there’s ample data showing increased maternal death caused by COVID infection. jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/ twitter.com/repmtg/status/1614

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