Lawful Good person, no vices except the allure of PC games. Preferences: cats, books, intellectuals, stories and living myths.
Work stuff: lead QA specialist with 7+ years in the field of manual high-level testing + tons of soft skills since russian IT usually can't go higher than 1st step of TMMI.
I also dabble in psychotherapy (gestalt sucks), massage, coaching, esoteric circles.
Main hobby: traveling. Already been to Paris, Bordeaux, Arcachon, Sardenja, Rome, Venice, Beijing, Seoul, Jeju, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Naha, Atami, Ito, Shimoda, Hakone, Bali, Java, Colombo, Hikkaduwa, Peru (+ Nasca flights), Oslo.
Most stupid thing I've done in life: jumping down from 2nd floor and hurting feet, knees, hands and most of muscles in the back 1,5 weeks before clumbing Adam's Peak - which I did, and it was kinda awesome but the trail wasn't cared for enough; also heard buddhist monks swearing harder than a zailor.


Wow, you've been so many places for travel. Which place you think is most impressive?

@Sphinx I think every one of them is impressive enough to visit, but I'd say Japanese experience was the top :)


That's also one on my to-go-visit list. Thank you for sharing!

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