I literally have a whole bookshelf-covered wall, ~1000 unplayed games, 8 TB of unwatched high-rated anime, ~1 TB of unread high-rated manga.
But currently I have stupid IT meetings planned for me every hour + I need to collect “analytics data” (sic!) for my new QA manager.
The “data” must be thus: “collect for me all time in two weeks’ sprints your guys spent on testing, the amount of defects which are open, and also the status of automated testing!”.
To elaborate - he doesn’t want to collect time spent in relation to priorities established at the start, or to complexity of tasks. Doesn’t want to check how much people worked on this or that task, and why. Doesn’t want to count holidays, staying late, overworking people on weekends. He doesn’t care about types of defects, and doesn’t want to count problems which were successfully solved before release.
In short, he gets a double paycheck compared to mine for doing bla-bla-bla and making appearances.
I’m fcking certified for basic Google Analytics (customer stories, criterias, reports and analysis), and I literally want to somehow absorb all life from that stupid manager and add his time of life to mine.
Those unread books, yknow…

You can say that I theoretically can take his place, but unfortunately it’s kinda bad for resume in russian IT, especially if shit hits the fan and you (as manager) would be a scapegoat. =_=

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