Finished “Nozoki Ana” and “Velvet Kiss”, both are very good lewd mangas with engaging plot and beautiful art style.
Also finished “Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou” - a must-have for anyone, very famous manga.
And “Yakusoku no Neverland”, recent hyped manga which is very engaging, not that long, action and plot are interesting. Though the amount of DRAMA and EMOTIONS in the art style is too unsettling most of the time.

Also also - I’ve rolled through some lists on Goodreads and tried to add as much books and mangas I’ve read already to my profile, so now I have like 500 read and 506 to be read…
Kinda meh, I wanna read even more.

Teh eternal struggle between current PC game and books. I’m playing The Secret World right now, which is THE game for every one of us conspiracy theorists, esoteric prophets and just your neighboring enlightened gal.

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