Bor-ish updates:

  • plans to workout and carve time for upgrading job skills ruined by my wifey’s fuckbuddy who is stuck in another city mostly being dumb-dumb about his father’s situation, which means we’re taking turns riding taxis every day to his apartment to care about his lonesome kitty;
  • the kitty rider is me most of the time because wifey is in no condition to do something more than her current work + her studies + rebutting her usual mild chronic depression bouts;
  • oh well, at least I get a couple hours of additional me time plus kitty is AWESOME.

Almost finished watching Modao Zushi (about Wei Wuxian being Yiling Demonic Patriarch and stuff), animation is surprisingly astonishing, would recommend 100%.
Squeezing a bit of Therian Saga, Rebuild 3 and Journey in daily life.

Books and serious games are in hold, agaaain… tsk, after ten years even my patience is starting to show some wear abd tear, I kinda hoped that this mild depression bouts would end in wifey being able to control her mood swings better. Alas.
Welp, nobody said it would be easy.

Back to work and a snippet of me-introvert-time in bath, he-he. (%_%)/

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