good morning, kiwis.. i have the monday lows. :ablobsigh: going to be a long week and i feel listless and resentful of work. lol.

idk. i watched a lot of videos about autism this weekend, lol.

my brain is still asleep.. but i hope you have a good day today. :\

@theblessing and a good day to you. Hope those autism videos won’t affect your positive outlook ;)

@kaidamitsuki thank you. :3 and no.. to be honest, they gave me a bit of a new perspective, and an appreciation for what the families of people with severe autism have to go through. i think that when i was a kid, autism wasn’t really a “thing”, and in hindsight i feel like a friend of mine was probably somewhere on the spectrum based on some of his actions.. so it was interesting to learn more.
You just laughed at them punching holes into the wall. No need to lie.
@LoveMachine @kaidamitsuki i didn’t laugh. that part was scary. i watched a few videos of young adults and adults having meltdowns and they get so violent.. that’s got to be really terrifying and sad for the parent. it’s one thing when they’re small, but when they’re adult-sized and raging, how can you keep them and yourself safe, ugh :(
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