good morning, fediverse~:sunwave:

are you ready to do a monday? feeling so sleepy and it was hard to get going, but it was a pretty ride to work, with the sun breaking through the clouds and making orange patterns on snowbanks and lighting up all the white plumes of steam rising from the buildings. “such a vision of the street as the street hardly understands,” or something like that.

i’m wearing a white shirt today, so the countdown to spill coffee on my boobs has begun :miyano:

patience the snail was doing good when i left this morning. ;w; hasn’t perished yet. i spent soooo long watching him this weekend. get a life, self. xD

okay.. have a beautiful day. c: we can do it. ✨

@theblessing today’s weather was stupefyingly beautiful at my place… but I’ve got bloody nose because it basically changed overnight. Drawbacks, drawbacks.
Anyway, good monday to you too =)

@kaidamitsuki oh no. :( get some moisture! i’ve been running my humidifier every day. lavender oil also helps a bit. :3 but yes, it was a beautiful morning. i thought it would be cloudy until suddenly a big golden sun broke through the clouds and illuminated everything. 💛

@theblessing got myself Sharp humidifier with something-something-Plasmacluster. They say - helps with humidity and dust too! O.o

Aww, I do like when the sun is pouring through the clouds too + godrays + small openings in clouds. :ablobattentionreverse: :ablobattention:

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