I’ve got the whole weekend to myself this time YAY. At last, good cola, Fallout 3 (TTW) and nothing else matters.
Well, it does matter around me, but I kinda tried to block everything at range since even my Mi Band started screaming about constant and high stress levels and lack of good sleep. And it’s basically a dumb pedometer, yknow.
Anyway, mind relaxation? Check. Room service, including dusting, by myself? Check! (I have access to home service lady for a pittance, but the quality is around 50% of what I can do; lady is reserved as last measure; I’d pay more for, like, 100% but she refuses…)
Healthy food all weekend? Eh, I fcked it up with Papa Jones and 1 McBurger in the end ‘cause I was too tired by Friday night and too busy by today’s evening. Other than that, at least two days of healthy food instead of no healthy food at all. Mi Band still fat-shames me with Obese II, but it’s kay, I’ll win anyway.
Haven’t touched books again. I guess I’m officially addicted to very good videogames-of-the-year, maybe because they provide more entertainment? Yknow, the audio-visual-action-ish experience.
Mkay. Future plans since I don’t have to ride the shotgun every evening to look after my wifey’s lover’s kitty now - get back into Python stuff and FCKING finish it already. Oof.

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