I’ve happened to play Fallout76 for a couple of days straight, and it was such a great ride! Except, maybe, that confusing level-up dialogue - I’ve messed up my build two times already. Good thing one can rearrange points after level 50.
In other news, I was in such a good mood after Fo76 that I got caught in dangerous illusion about work conditions in russia.
It’s a very dangerous illusion! I was reminded of that when I politely suggested to my “agile, conforming, friendly and professional” “team” that maybe we could’ve agreed upon dinnertime and tried not to put any meetings in that time slot.
…oh boy was that a wrong decision.
I’ve got trashed in chat by same people which told me in private that they are sick of not getting to eat comfortably.
I’ve got trashed by management-in-team because they apparently don’t get to eat at all too and they were, err… proud of that. Also why does anyone get to eat if management does not? Yeah, right…
And today I’ll get trashed by my “agile, conforming and professional IT-lead” in private talk about “destabilization of work conditions at work”.
I do get the fact that not only in russia but in many places around the globe people are still being harassed, extorted and preyed upon as slaves for the Big Man/Company/whatever. It just hurts when you accidentally drop the shield of not believing in people, yknow.
Call me lawful good paladin one more time.

Welp, the only thing I can do, since we have no trade unions and such: live through trashing, and pull back all “good credit favours” I was agreeing to with people who are thrashing me now. They did a good work for half a year, so I’ve extended some favours and agreements with them.
Buuuut no “good credit” means no favours now.
And maybe I switch workplaces when summer comes anyway, it’s never a good idea to be in one workplace in russia more than 1-2 years, I guess.

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