Morrowind and Deus Ex are two older games that I fucking hate but everyone around me loves.

Like yeah I'm sure Morrowind's story is great but playing that game is a uniquely excruciating experience. Same with Deus Ex, though I at least watched a LP and saw its mediocre story.

Def feels like something a lot of people played when they were younger, it was their first exposure to some Big Ideas™️ so they think it's automatically good.

I know this because it was Planescape: Torment for me. That game plays like ass but I still love it for the writing.

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Morrowind in particular is annoying because everything about it I've heard sounds extremely up my alley.

However, I've got so many bad experiences of people hyping it up and then me feeling the crushing disappointment of how bad it is to actually play.

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@timecrash I have waited such a looooong time to finally play Morrowind in HD, with tons of bugfixes, gamefixes etc etc etc. And only then it was a cool ride.
It’s kinda lame that the same applies to every other Bethesda game, lol.
Fallout 3 crashed all the time. Fallout 4 - unoptimized tortoise mess. Oblivion… wait, it was pretty good but 100500+ more fun with another 15 GB of mods. Skyrim - again tons of QoL mods required.

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