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Bor-ish updates:

  • plans to workout and carve time for upgrading job skills ruined by my wifey’s fuckbuddy who is stuck in another city mostly being dumb-dumb about his father’s situation, which means we’re taking turns riding taxis every day to his apartment to care about his lonesome kitty;
  • the kitty rider is me most of the time because wifey is in no condition to do something more than her current work + her studies + rebutting her usual mild chronic depression bouts;
  • oh well, at least I get a couple hours of additional me time plus kitty is AWESOME.

Almost finished watching Modao Zushi (about Wei Wuxian being Yiling Demonic Patriarch and stuff), animation is surprisingly astonishing, would recommend 100%.
Squeezing a bit of Therian Saga, Rebuild 3 and Journey in daily life.

Books and serious games are in hold, agaaain… tsk, after ten years even my patience is starting to show some wear abd tear, I kinda hoped that this mild depression bouts would end in wifey being able to control her mood swings better. Alas.
Welp, nobody said it would be easy.

Back to work and a snippet of me-introvert-time in bath, he-he. (%_%)/

@trinsec my Spencerian script baffles the OCR, but I'm too proud to step down into the "I write in Times New Roman", hehe.
Anyway, iPad with Pencil and handwriting recognition or a handwriting-recognition pen is also an answer, though a pricey one.

@trinsec agreed, one needs a school or courses in Japanese to learn pronunciations properly. But at least theirs are more straightforward than chinese tonal exercises lol

@trinsec meh, I tried various OCR, even FineReader, but they can't deduce any *hit from your handwriting. And, well, typed text one can just copy-paste from source page.
I mean, why even do a photo of something then...

@trinsec wanikani has some good mnemonics if you like the "mnemonic" way. I just drill 'em in Anki until my brain doesn't need something in between kanji/hiragana symbol and its reading. O.o

@trinsec stroke order also helps to write them faster with less mistakes, most of the time

@trinsec I've been using it lately, I'd say it's worth it. Also no Evernote gibberish about "pay us to download your data to view it offline"...

Them working hours which nobody missed…
In other news, I’ve decided to support my love with sports, diet and stuff, so I’m also dieting and sportsing around. Could be most useful to lose that belly for future surfing and hiking anyway.

I’ve started Therian Saga to play during work’s hiccups, and continue unmodded Fallout 3 in the TTW version with a gamerguide in hand.

@Kovaelin with additional fake fires and aliens cameo for sure 😂

No books lately. Finished City of the Sun God (yay Amarna?) and Besieged Farmlands in The Secret World.
Thinking about creating Fallen London alt for Seeking the Name.
We’ve got a couple locations done in FF XIV with my love.
And also we’ve dipped toes into Genshin Impact which is surprisingly good for now. I’m pretty bad at iPad virtual controls, mind you, and I’m still able to play it.
If chinese controller arrives and it’ll be compatible with iPad, I’d like to use it for Jade Empire, Genshin Impact and maybe Journey and Dragon’s Nest, lol.
I didn’t wanna pay up $100 for Playstation4 controller which allegedly works with iPads and stuff. >_>
At least not without trying cheaper stuff first.

Finished “Nozoki Ana” and “Velvet Kiss”, both are very good lewd mangas with engaging plot and beautiful art style.
Also finished “Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou” - a must-have for anyone, very famous manga.
And “Yakusoku no Neverland”, recent hyped manga which is very engaging, not that long, action and plot are interesting. Though the amount of DRAMA and EMOTIONS in the art style is too unsettling most of the time.

Also also - I’ve rolled through some lists on Goodreads and tried to add as much books and mangas I’ve read already to my profile, so now I have like 500 read and 506 to be read…
Kinda meh, I wanna read even more.

Teh eternal struggle between current PC game and books. I’m playing The Secret World right now, which is THE game for every one of us conspiracy theorists, esoteric prophets and just your neighboring enlightened gal.

@arteteco meh, it's faster to tweak screen to not blind you with 6500K or even use some e-ink stuff which is basically a book-ish experience for eyes.
Assistants are privacy-creeps, also I tried googling "book of thoth" with voice and it was meh. :>

Finished “Elisa: the Innkeeper” series. Well, actually more like “dropped”. The story is too simple and not so interesting, so I just turned the skipping option on and and answered route questions and decisions.
Good points for art and music.
Neutral points for gameplay.
Kinda bad points for story, and VERY BAD points for third installment’s story.

Overall: get the art off the internet, skip games, write your own story with the art, peace.

Finished “Nana to Kaoru” and it’s perfect. No kidding, no overblowing!
It’s a) masterpiece b) masterpiece about SM relationship c) believable comedy situations d) believable romances e) believable characters’ growth f) beautiful art.
10/10, will re-read for sure.

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