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📣 Calling all spaCy users!

Have you been using our transformer models? Want to nominate a new feature for our rule-based matcher? Have some feedback about our components? We'd love to learn more about you and how you use spaCy!

Fill out our survey: form.typeform.com/to/aMel9q9f

That is going too far… now the National Library should lost its independence and become a tool for government politicians.

Over AG’s objection, cabinet backs bill curbing National Library’s independence
Proposal would let government appoint library’s Board of Trustees, with reported aim of pushing out rector who was formerly involved in preparing graft charges against Netanyahu


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@histodons #OTD 17.2.1943

Dr. Sigmund Rascher berichtet über seine Unterkühlungsversuche an Gefangenen in Dachau:

"... die Versuchspersonen brüllen(!), wenn sie sehr frieren ..."

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Many universities are forcing students and instructors to use products—and will thus deploy assistants on a massive scale. You probably won’t be able to turn off these functions even if you wanted to.


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It is not normal that this kind of useful update, ultimately funded by all #UK taxpayers, is available only on a commercial ad network, thereby benefitting a narcissistic billionaire.

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RT @MorAphremII
Kindly pray for the victims of the earthquake in Syria 🇸🇾 and Turkey 🇹🇷 and their families.

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Kleiner Reminder:
Morgen ist Holocaust-Gedenktag und das ArolsenArchiv hat wieder dazu aufgerufen, am digitalen Denkmal für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus mitzuwirken.
30.000 Personalakten aus dem KZ Stutthof sollen digitalisiert werden.

Auf der Homepage des Archives gibt es eine hervorragende Einführung für Schulen - es ist wirklich ganz einfach.

Macht mit und teilt :boost_ok:

#FediLZ #geschichte #holocaust


@JewishConversations@mas.to Are you yet in Mastodon? I don't read your posts since several weeks.

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Does Search Engine Optimization come along with high-quality content? A comparison between optimized and non-optimized health-related web pages. (arXiv:2301.10105v1 [cs.IR]) arxiv.org/abs/2301.10105

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There is a petition set to be debated by parliament on removing LGBTQ+ content from the school curriculum. With this current government it wouldn’t surprise me if they went ahead and did this.

A lack of LGBT+ content in schools ruins lives. It is the reason so many of us queer folk struggle with our mental health- the feelings of shame and trauma just because we were born this way.

#homophobia #transphobia #LGBT

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Bereits 1990 beschäftige sich Günter #Grass in "Totes Holz" mit dem #Klimawandel und dem #Waldsterben in Deutschland. Sarah Vincent gibt auf unserem Sammlungsblog (sub.hypotheses.org/1537) @subugoe spannende Einblicke in das Werk des bekannten Literaten. ^MK

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Hello NLP researchers around the globe! All ACL major conferences (@aclmeeting, @eaclmeeting, @aaclmeeting, and @emnlpmeeting) now have an account here. Please spread it word! #NLPRoc

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Are you happy with #Mastodon or the #fediverse since you quit the #bluebird ?


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For a while in 2022, monkeypox terrified us. But where did it go? The answer isn't luck—and lies largely in the fact that queer men seem to have learned more from AIDS and Covid-19 than the authorities did: wired.com/story/the-bitterswee

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"Accusations that the WEF promoted pedophilia in a statement are similarly inaccurate -- and they echo rhetoric from the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory, which centers on accusations of child exploitation." buff.ly/3QujN9L

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👋 Hi, this is the official Medium account on our new instance! This is our home on @me.dm, where we’ll be boosting writers and publications, sharing stories, and trying to deepen our understanding of Mastodon and the fediverse.

To get started, we thought we’d share this list of resources about getting up and running if you, like us, are new here: scottlamb.blog/list/f4843d1cc8

#medium, #introduction, #MediumWriters, #NewHere

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