So it seems joinmastodon removed QOTO from their directory without cause, without contacting us, and without any discussion or due diligence.

Since this is the only way to actually find QOTO for new users if it isnt reversed soon it could mean the end for our wonderful community.

If you care about this place remaining fair, respectful, and inclusive environment I highly suggest everyone reach out to them annd voice your objecttion and your disapointment and having no procedure to keep this fair and inclusive.

If you want to see QOTO stick around you can email your objecttion here:

Feel free to CC me here:

Please be respectful, we want to show them we are the good guys and not give them any reason to object.

@Gargron @trinsec @khird

@freemo @Gargron @trinsec @khird I am new here (ok, an old member who came back) and I read things about conflicts, blocking the instance, etc. Where could I get some background about it? I cannot write to if I don't know what I'm talking about).


@freemo @Gargron @trinsec @khird
I think I understand eben less.. the directory is the table in
if it is, I see that quoto is listed.

@kjr @freemo is how I ended up here, just for reference.

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