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I just recently came accross this little-known TV series and watched the first episode of the series. It was so racially biased that I didn鈥檛 watch anymore episodes.

This looks like it's from a later season. Maybe this was the producer鈥檚 way of apologizing for their racism. Kind of a backhanded apology 鈥 calling them messed up (鈥...mess up anybody for a long time鈥).


I mean to say that it is racially biased against black people. I don't remember the details at the moment, I think they only had one character who was black and the way that that character is treated in the writing and directing.

Watch it carefully and you will see. Season 1, Episode 1

I've written a lot here on qoto about how Hollywood is biased in their movies and TV. I pinned a thread to my profile and you can read it.

@Pat ok, that is clear projection and USA based race thinking.
If we want to discriminated based on race then three main characters on the bridge are black and written as amazing, smart, thoughtful characters.
Judging something based on a聽short glimpse is shallow. Treating something primarily in racial categories is USA thing. Don鈥檛 project those on others.


The series was created, produced, and originally released here in the US, so a US perspective is appropriate for this material. And yes, here in the US race is much more pervasive and more significant. We fought a horrible, bloody civil war over it. It literally tore our country apart.

And yes, I was referring to the first episode only. I have no idea how long they continued that racism. That short segment you posted seems to show some reflection on the part of writers, which is good. Maybe they got the memo.

Racism is generally socially unacceptable, so it's usually hidden. Writers, producers and directors don鈥檛 do it openly, they hide it so that it influences the audience unconsciously. So if one is 鈥渃olor blind鈥 and they don鈥檛 see race, then they can鈥檛 see racism either.

With regard to projection, frankly you have know idea what goes on in my head, we鈥檝e never met as far as know, and we鈥檝e only had a few interactions here, so to declare my psychological state is extremely presumptuous. I was commenting on what appeared on the screen in that first episode. That鈥檚 it. And it was racially biased.

@Pat you still did not give an example of so鈥憈old racism.
Show was produced in USA but that doesn鈥檛 means USA perspective is valid for the rest of the world. That is some sick imperialism.
When you watch some German show do you take German perspective too?

Of course color blind person can see racism. We have logical capabilities, we can ask oppressed person, we have empathy. If I do not put focus on domestic violence it doesn鈥檛 mean I cannot recognize domestic violence.

What appeared on the screen in that first episode? You keep casting the judgment but you cannot even state what was wrong with it.

There is that thing where writers introduce an issue on purpose to resolve it in upcoming arc and force viewer to think.

Judging anything on first impressions is shallow and unjust.


My comment was my opinion. My perspective. I live in the US, so that is my experience.

As I said, I don't remember the specifics. If it's important and you have an open mind about it, I can see if the episode is available somewhere and refresh my memory and point out specifics. It would take some time, but if you are actually open to seeing it when it is presented, I will do that.

>There is that thing where writers introduce an issue on purpose to resolve it in upcoming arc and force viewer to think.

The bias is not direct, written into the plot as a plot point or written into the character development. It鈥檚 not that a character is written to be racist, or the narrative is about racism. Sometimes there are narratives about racism in TV shows and movies, like in that short clip you posted, but that鈥檚 not what I鈥檓 taking about here specifically. It's subtle things, like limiting the screen time of black characters, or having the black characters most often delivering bad news, or having the black characters more often having negative interactions with the protagonists, or not letting the black characters smile very often, or most often placing the black extras at the back of the room or towards the sides of the frame. It's usually subtle, but it's definitely there.

As I said, I don鈥檛 remember the specifics, but I can research it again. I鈥檓 sure it must have been something significant for me to not even want to continue watching the series.

@Pat subtle things are extremely easy to misjudge.
And you still put focus on race 鈥檆uz that鈥檚 USA thing.
The same subtle examples you stated can be true in relation to under representation of women, or bald, or immigrants, or folks with an accent, or folks with disabilities, or elderly, and so on.
But you only point out racism angle.
Are you saying there is no issues with the rest, but only racism issues exist in that first episode?

And I聽will not blame anyone based on extremely weak *subjective* assumptions that could be easily explained by different things.
Assigning solid blame without solid evidence or throwing judgment based on group association without judging everyone individually is extremely harmful to innocent folks.

I keep an open mind, but not so open my brains fall out.

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