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koyu.space is back lacking behind almost a month. Better than all data being lost. I learned a lot and have a better backup strategy next time. I'm now clearing all home feeds so you don't accidentally crash the server. Thanks to everyone who was patient. #koyustatus

Okay, I think we're losing around a month of data here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If the older dump is larger than 11GB it would mean that we'd lose just a few hours of data. I think that's tolerable.

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Shopify stores are so annoying with how they always have 50 external adtech domains that they try to load. Some of the worst websites out there.

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Wieder ein Krieg in Europa und wir können nicht viel tun.
Aber eines können wir auf jeden Fall tun: Wir können auf unsere
Kommunikation achtgeben.

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Data recovery is still ongoing and it will probably take until tomorrow. Be patient and stay safe.

Thanks to TastyTentacles we have a new server and host. Please wait while we're restoring the data.

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is there a way to easily remove the preview card from a post, from the #mastodon / #glitcsoc admin interface?

There are some not-quite-but-getting-close graphic previews and we'd like to have the option to delete the preview without removing the post.

our current plan is to figure out where on the fileystem the card is and apply an 'rm', but that sucks.

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monetary aid request for server, please boost 

#koyuspace has been shut down for technical issues, @koyu needs a little help buying a new server. 20€/month would be sufficient.

If you think you can help her, here's the link. Any donation is welcome. If you can't, please boost!


koyu.space Mastodon should be available at 15:00 CET. Please standby.

The issue is getting resolved, please wait a few hours and try again

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