koyu.space is offline and we're currently investigating the issue

All fine over here, just applying an update!

no, you guys didn't crash the server, i just had to stop the daemon to apply an update

still installing, but at least we got the db moved

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When this pandemic is over I would love to make music with people again. Really got back into practicing regularly. Wondering if there are any musicians in #Bielefeld I could hook up with some day.

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hello, i am moving koyu.space to something new. we'll be right back!

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Soon enough I can give zero fucks about everything that happens in the fediverse

let's wait here then...what's up everyone

if you really want to know what's going on with this constant downtime check out t.me/koyuspace

aight guess zack went to sleep so i go to sleep as well and see if he managed to fixed the server after i wake up

So koyu.space is down and you may have questions

Why? Because we are migrating to glitch-soc

When will it come back? The deadline is Sunday, we might get it back up earlier though if no more complications will occur

What is the current status? Migrating a 17GB big database and trying not to f*ck it up another time and also trying to sleep, because it's almost 9am here and there was no sleep when the migration started

What happens with my data? It's all safe and sound and backed up. No need to worry.

What should I do? Just wait and see. Do something productive in the meantime.

And what afterwards? We will then try the overall functionality and get everything else up and running one-by-one.

Why does it take so long? Because we're sleepy and don't want to make mistakes...also koyu.space is extremely huge and the hardware is not so keen handling a lot of data at once

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