Stopped the service to show what's hanging my SSH connection, we'll be right back

Now the CPU broke, will be offline for a few days now

CPU fan died, waiting for a new one to be supplied

I should probably make dirty backups since Mastodon usually doesn't care about the database state

Ich finde die ganze Sache mit NFTs stellt das World Wide Web vor eine Zerreißprobe und das ist eigentlich mega schade

Cringecore would be a new fun music genre

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Don't worry, just doing a clean backup like on every Friday kinda died due to high CPU and SSD load. Please wait while we're fixing the issue! ❤️ is offline and we're currently investigating the issue

All fine over here, just applying an update!

no, you guys didn't crash the server, i just had to stop the daemon to apply an update

still installing, but at least we got the db moved

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When this pandemic is over I would love to make music with people again. Really got back into practicing regularly. Wondering if there are any musicians in #Bielefeld I could hook up with some day.

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hello, i am moving to something new. we'll be right back!

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