Wowza, another major "time to first X" (TTFX) major improvement coming from the changes to #julialang's precompilation. I can't wait for to merge!


Really cool feature of #julialang #sciml in the Dec edition of AIAA's Aerospace America magazine for control of unmanned aerial systems on embedded hardware. Great work by AFRL!

Let's see if this works... follow me if you want someone to tell you that you're not solving your differential equations efficiently every time you post a code, even if there are no differential equations in it!

A midsized black hole in a dwarf galaxy a million light-years away announced its presence to astronomers by violently ripping apart a star.

Hey Mastadon folks, you're getting early word that we're soft launching a new documentation for SciML. Take a look at it here: . It's not complete yet, but it's getting close. The goal is to cover the whole #SciML organization in one comprehensive searchable documentation set. This gives a lot more breathing room to the individual tools. Lots of new tutorials are being developed.

I want to create an automated theorem prover using a Turing-complete code formatter, and then every time it runs it spits out "Format's Last Theorem". This is going to be a very overcomplicated April Fool's joke program...

I just realized that DifferentialEquations.jl works with the type I provide; not only can I solve matrix differential equations, but also tensor differential equations, tensor network differential equations etc. etc. ...! Seems like a feature from the creation of the library, I should have read the documentation better I guess ;) The possibilities with symbolics, AD, ... are impressive and I need to sleep over it. Can one formulate dmrg as a differential equation? #JuliaLang #Programming

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