Here's a wild idea: how about the municipality takes responsibility for keeping the sidewalks that it installs — and maintains in the summer months! — for the sake of the people who travel on them instead of guilting the townsfolk into helping people so they don't get fined?

Did some back-of-the-napkin maths and it might require a town budget increase of 3-4% to have them cover the cost of keeping sidewalks usable. I'd be fine with that.

Maybe I should write to the mayor and ask if they've considered it.


Why does the town put sidewalks in residential areas? Presumably so residents are more comfortable going places without a car.

Why does the town shave off bits of sidewalk that have buckled, making the path smooth yet again? Presumably to make it easier to walk when unstable or using wheeled assist-devices.

Why does the town not clear sidewalks? Well, you see, residents can shovel their own snow and we threaten to fine them if they don't.

What about those people for whom we keep sidewalks smooth and safe? Well that's too bad.

Why doesn't the town clear all sidewalks? That would increase property taxes, and taxpayers wouldn't like that. Oh okay so it's my fault.

The town (all towns I've lived in anyway) has the sidewalks because the people who live on the streets petitioned for them. These are the same people who pay the property tax that pays for the sidewalks. I suggest people get involved in their local politics if they are concerned about these issues. And yes they would have to raise the property tax if they are now want to pay for the snow removal too.. duh. 🤠

I'll given how inefficient governments are it's better to pay a local neighborhood kid to shovel the walkway then to make the town do it. And it the locals kids are too spoiled and don't want to do work the immigrants will do it cheap 😉

@harvhat if I were more friendly with the neighbours, I’d love to do something like have a pool of kids who are paid to do the whole block. I don’t mind shoving myself, but there’s always that one guy who doesn’t shovel and I’d rather have consistency along the street.

That being said, I’m guessing it would be a 3-4% increase to the budget to do all the sidewalks. They already own equipment for it. But I don’t believe they actually care enough to see if it’s feasible.

@harvhat I am working on a letter to the mayor to see. I’d like to know if it’s been considered and if they’ve done an estimate… there’s other similar towns around here that take care of it all so it’s not a completely foreign concept

I've lived in both type of towns, you have to organize the residents that would be affected to agree. And yea, there is always that one guy, or the annoying vacant lot. I don't know any towns that do every walk, but convince them that you area/street is important enough and already paying enough taxes, would be the approach I would think.

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