More and more, I've been wanting to explore a more... hands-on to-do list experience than the ones offered by apps on my phone and laptop.

They're generally great, but... they don't evoke that sense of clarity about the day ahead for me.


@celia did you mean something like ?

@lucifargundam I'm just going to be frank and throw the first couple of thoughts I had into the fediverse:

not another app...
too much work...

@celia perhaps turn your todos into a crossword puzzle?

I hear ya. There will always be 100 different apps for a thing and it can be exhausting looking for a perfect fit. I ditched my long time favourite Todoist and went with pen and paper for a while and then recently moved to Taskwarrior (desktop only). You really don't have to go looking for apps. Paper can be very versatile.


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