Greetings from my thats running and can now accept calls/texts!!

time to go update the wiki...

@lucifargundam ohh fun! I really do hope they develop in the next gen or two into a true competitor to iPhones and Androids. The concept is brilliant. It’s just such a hard market to break into. Still I hope they succeed.

the current demographic is users who value their privacy and freedom. when the phone becomes more powerful, itll attract other audiences :)

@lucifargundam I really seriously hope so. Genuinely. If the next one out has better specs I will buy it. I’d happily experiment with the current model if the specs were better.

@aspie4K @lucifargundam you can support the effort by buying the current one too...

@chebra @lucifargundam I would happily buy it if the specs weren’t from three years ago and it wasn’t using an Allwinner SoC. I know they wanted it to be affordable but they should have also made a premium version with a Snapdragon, more RAM, high res display, etc. I would buy that right now.

@aspie4K @lucifargundam maybe that's why it is such a hard market to break ino: because even people who love the project and want it to succeed always find a minor nitpick and refuse to support. It's not a daily driver anyway, those $150 are more like a donation and "put your money where your mouth is" kind of thing. Better specs will come only after this initial phase is done and it will be done if there are people supporting it. It's quite straightforward really...

@chebra @lucifargundam sorry but if I’m buying technology with terrible specs that isn’t a “minor nitpick.” If it was only that the screen and camera weren’t great but the internals were good, I’d buy it. But the CPU is literally from 2012 (Cortex A53), the SoC is no name Chinese crap, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage... in 2021.

It’s weaker than my Raspberry Pi! I’m not even joking. My Raspberry Pi 4’s are more powerful than this phone.

That’s not “minor nitpicking.”

@chebra @lucifargundam also about the $150, that is a fair point but I’m in the UK so I need to pay extra in shipping and taxes. After all that I’m paying more like $250. For that price I can buy a better spec phone on eBay and flash it with /e/ or something.

@aspie4K @chebra
those shipping prices are crazy!! i ordered a book from the UK and shipping cost was more than the book!

The older hardware isn't only because of the affordability. Its also the availability of drivers etc. The phone-arm world isn't as open as the PC world is(hardware wise I mean).
@chebra @lucifargundam

@apathetic_bystander @chebra @lucifargundam Qualcomm Snapdragon chips have open source firmware, but obviously they’re more expensive than a no-name China brand, so I think it does come down to cost. Keep in mind Raspberry Pi 4 and other single board computers use better chips while still being open platforms. (I know Raspberry Pi’s default bootloader is closed source but that’s not because of the chip, many distros provide an open source alternative.)

@aspie4K @chebra
iirc they have limited manufacturing resources- so the current production is the best they can do as a new company.

@chebra @aspie4K
there are other ways to support other than purchasing the phone- but i agree with you on thecontinued support

@lucifargundam Very cool! I'm using #GrapheneOS - have you used that, and if so, how would you compare the two?

@lucifargundam Mobian on my Pinephone is my daily driver. On USB tether for internet now.

@lucifargundam likewise! i'm daily drivering my pinephone with mobian. lots of fun things unavailable on other mobile platforms.... like metasploit, or 2.11BSD on a PDP11 emulated on simh.

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