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We do ELF Header Surgery on the Output for ... And change "Software Floating-Point ABI" to "Hardware Floating-Point ABI"

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Q. 用 VRChat 可以交到女朋友嗎?
A. 可以變成女朋友。


Q. VRChat 하면 여자친구가 생기나요? A. 여자가 됩니다.

But Compiler produces an Object File with Software Floating-Point ABI ... This won't link with on Hardware Floating-Point!

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@lupyuen recently asked myself this a lot.

Changing isn't easy... especially when you get older. I have been in training/mentoring a lot, so I can always 'teach, for either engineering, or even English. But will I? most likely not... my heart is in engineering... just sometimes not with the noise surrounding it.

@lupyuen ... and then remember that you're too old to retrain, and you've got rent to pay.

@lupyuen I was about his age when I watched ST:TNG. He was a role model. Especially the episode "The Game" stood out, but there were many more, like "Disaster". I never experienced him as 'annoying'... we all were at that age, right?

"Every once in a while, it's a good idea to stop and ask yourself if your Engineering Career is serving you"

" has agreed to pay US$150 million to settle allegations it misused private information, like phone numbers, to target advertising after telling users the information would be used for security reasons"

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