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Imagine how it feels like to be a Danish Mayfly. You only have a few days to live; you have no mouth or intestines! Prior however, larva buried in riverbed takes 3 years to become a Mayfly.

it's actually a day of mourning for the Wampanoag tribe. We should know the history being left out from The 'First Thanksgiving'.

The 'pandemic of stupidity' is gonna kill more people than Covid itself. Stupidity such as: not wearing masks, not believing in science, and Kristi Noem following Trump strategy of denial as Covid ravages South Dakota

These artificially-produced 'rare' diamonds are hexagonal in structure (rather than cubic) that's why they are stronger than natural diamonds

Fun way to do science and make new discoveries and make use of it. Science on the half shell: Mussels yield new material

I love this idea: "..The world is indeterministic; the future is open. Time is not unfolding like a movie in the cinema. It is really a creative unfolding. The new digits really get created as time passes.”

This little tank beetle is amazing! Materials scientists discover design secrets of nearly indestructible insect

These Voyager probes are amazing.
Still working and giving us precious data after all these years!
Voyager Spacecraft Detect an Increase in The Density of Space Outside The Solar System

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