@freemo there are two people who i used to follow, who aren't being followed by me any more, who still follow me, and who haven't blocked me.

when i visit their profile from within our instance i'm given the option to cancel a follow request??

@freemo i'm given the option to follow them again. no clue if anything ever goes off to them or not (the one i asked hasn't replied yet)

You sure the instance doesn't have us blocked? There is a lot of blocking going down in an attempt to creat carefully structured echo chambers

@freemo and most certainly don't have us blocked, we're shitpost-adjacent by now 😈

@mngrif It is unlikely to be an isue on our end. let me know te user ill try to follow

@mngrif The first person has restricted followers. They are setup so a follow request will not go through until they manually pprove it. This is noticable by the lock next to their name.

So in the first case the behavior is expected.

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