Biden is literally my last choice for president.

I share this link mostly just because it includes the original letter from Biden's campaign. The rest of the content has clear bias so be cautious.

@freemo i'm afraid to ask what happened today. i spent all day stacking cheddar and haven't bothered looking at real news.

i hope some snowflakes got melted.

@mngrif long story short, a news paper basically said "Biden has some connections with ukraine that are being investigated, here is the list" and biden's campaign sent a formal letter saying "How date you mention bad things about Biden, trump is the person you should be attacking"... everyone laughed and laughed, then I cried.

@freemo stephen colbert should run. he's fucking hilarious.

@mngrif I'd vote for Rob Stewart, but honestly I can only take about 30 seconds of steven, and in that 20 seconds he is hilarious. Everything after that is just me being annoyed at his "fake" personality


@freemo the entire presidency could just be one long intro monologue.

just imagine having a house band during press releases!

@freemo the fake personality is the most appropriate part

@mngrif I led america because I wanted to stop living in a reality tv sitcom more or less.

In the netherlands its amazing, they actually spend all the insanely high taxes they collect (surprise same tax rate almost as america) on useful stuff like places to piss in public (public urinals) rather than killing other people.

@freemo nah if voting changed anything it would be illegal. whoever is in office is just for funsies. the two party system is the problem. mcdonalds is the cake, and the president is the circus.

ez pz

ok i'm going to bed now. ni ni :)

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