follow requests are always welcome, i only have it on lockdown because of creepers. don't feel left out if i don't follow you back, you probably just don't have any posts i find interesting, or, far more likely, mostly post in a language i don't speak. which is, you know .. most of them.

@mngrif That was a nice explanation and welcome.

Would you recommend locking down the account in that way? New here, just asking. 😺

@design_RG yes otherwise you won't pay attention to who follows you. it's the social media equivalent of driving a stick.

@mngrif Driving a stick?

As in driving a manual transmission vehicle? just to clarify. Sorry. 😄

@design_RG anyone callin it that is a cop. you aren't a cop, are you?

@mngrif No, I am not. Just some of the language people use escapes me, honestly.

@mngrif Ah, ok, thank you. Now I have to go back and decipher your original post above. 😄

@design_RG a stick brings you closer to the road and vehicle, by forcing you to pay more attention to both.

@mngrif Yesh, I prefer a standard as well. More control, I can drive the way I want, shifting when I feel like.

People who never learned on that type probably hate it though, it takes more skill and practice to drive well.

But an auto transmission costs about 1000 dolllars, burried in the vehicle sticker price; give me a choice and I will take the standard one any time.

@design_RG i haven't daily driven an automatic in over ten years, i have NO clue how to work them efficiently. i'm considering renting a car here in Sydney but i'm 100% sure all they'd have in stick is "sports" cars with a huge mark-up.

@mngrif Usually automatic transmissions have one single program on how and when to shift. You are stuck with that, like or not. It's good if you are in congested traffic, less demanding on you.

Some more advanced models might offer a choice of driving modes, like normal, cruising, sportier, which will change the way shifting happens - taking it to a higher rpm before upshifting, if you were on a sportier mode, for example.

Yeah, it automatics are the most common cars around, a standard model will cost more.

In Europe I found the opposite, and was glad to enjoy a nice Skoda Flavia wagon, really cool car on the twisty mountain roads I drove for the first time there. 6 sp manual.

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