I somehow came across this really nifty tutorial for a kind of crochet that's stretchy like knitting:

#crochet #FiberArts #FibreArts



Moby Lets You Download 4 Hours of Ambient Music to Help You Sleep, Meditate, Do Yoga & Not Panic

openculture.com/?p=1020001 t.co/xrtj77xlJE

REMINDER THAT YOU CAN JUST KINDA PUT SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THINGS. he's public domain so you can just kinda use him wherever. i made him break up with a wizard

An interesting or avante garde personal style might just mean you're an expert consumer.

Idea: Tradition is a memetic lifeform that maintains itself by ensuring people think it's important that they keep practicing it :blobthinking:

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If I was designing a self-driving car, I'd put sensors on top so you can pet the car and it knows you're petting it

Die Einführung der #Einheit in die Einheit ist die Einführung einer #Differenz in die Einheit. Für sich selbst ist die Einheit eine Differenz. Eine #Operation, die sich in ihrem eigenen Bedingungszusammenhang als Einheit will, will sich als Differenz. Das ist die #Grundparadoxie aller #Reflexion : dass sie Einheit will und Differenz erzeugt.

Niklas Luhmann, Die Autopoiesis des Bewusstseins, S. 442

when ur trying ur best and it's not going so well and someone jumps in and nails it immediately ·

Why do we call it "environment protection", when really it's more like "human protection". I feel like the environment will survive a lot more and longer than those pesky humans will.

Victoryyyyy, the "hi I'm a chatbot technic" works with annoying random dudes in DM, he blocked me muhhahahaha

I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

If you had time to yourself, to do as you wish (e.g. no one depending/leaning on you, no job responsibilities, etc.), what would you do?

When you think about it, a PEZ dispenser with a 3D printed copy of someone's head is a pretty creepy concept.

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