Me acaban de recordar algo en referencia al "No-Hair Theorem" o Teorema del No-Pelo de los Agujeros Negros:

#BH #NoHairTheorem #perro

Siguiendo en la misma tónica, aquí va otra interpretación de la indiscutible viabilidad del "No-Hair Theorem":

#BH #NoHairTheorem #gato

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Black hole can bite your butt

What are some of your favourite things (theorems, formulas, ideas, etc) in science and mathematics?


I guess, the one that keeps me attonished is the notion of entropy:

Which makes the nature of some states to be irreversible. One way or another, that is true not only for thermodynamic states, but also for emotional states. Things change all the time, evolve, and they never go back, never the same.

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