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Gota went to his home in Maldives @404zzz but still u all angry?

I had an idea about how to make a binary clock entirely in CSS, with no JavaScript.
A nice bit of mental exercise for the train to work!

Is VIP pass available to enter President's house? @404zzz

Recently @404zzz invited me to Sri Lanka, but I couldn't find a taxi at the airport as everyone was screaming 'Gotta Go Home'. Lankans do love their homes alot...

Comrade @404zzz has kept a grand party for birthday of his third cat; Raja Pussapaksha IX at the newly opened resort President's Palace.
!! All must refrain from peeing inside pool while others are in it !!

So what is @stux using to make his new website/webapp ?

Get the latest generation of Intel with the latest gen goat, only in Bangladesh

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