I remember when it seemed like the open chat standard XMPP "won" 15 years ago when Google Talk adopted it. It seemed like maybe the bad old days of proprietary chat protocols were over.

Google of course abandoned XMPP and later 5 or so other chat protocols. Today the messaging world is a mess of proprietary protocols and networks all reinventing the same wheels.

You sometimes hear people say Linux (and by extension Open Source) "won" because of how ubiquitous it is in Android phones and IoT devices.

Yet today's release of Google's new OS Fuchsia on Nest devices points to a future where Linux is left behind. This is a future where the dominant OSes on devices are Fuchsia, iOS, and Windows.


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If computers on chips where accessible here, in Brasil (they are over half of our minimum wage, and around three times the amount that millions of families are recieving as aid in this war against Sars-Cov-2),
I’d buy one or two per month and give away.

If they cost around R$50,00, I could easily offer free workshops about OSs and networking where people would get to take their computers home.

Unfortunately, people here have no idea what an Operating System is, and use words like app/cellphone/zap/internet all as interchangeable.

They think WhatsApp is an essential part of mobile telephony, and that its great that telcoms offer “free WhatsApp” (even though Net Neutrality is guaranteed by law, only disrespected).

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