What I need is an book for programmers (people who already know other programming languages).

This blog post is a horrifying start.


@peterdrake @data_science I have used "The Art of R Programming" as a text when teaching statistical computing. It's usually online somewhere in PDF form but I also keep a physical. It's decent for learning R when you don't know it already.

@peterdrake @data_science Nice to hear it! As far as I can tell, no, not much in terms of the initial stages of the learning. There are fads in package usage, but that won't matter yet. Enjoy!

@rythur @peterdrake @data_science I'll just add the "Big Book of R" which is a collection of many ebooks. I'm not sure if there is one targeted at programmers proficient in other languages, but it might still be resourceful:

@basepair @peterdrake @data_science Thanks for the suggestion, mate! This sounds like a wonderful resource for anyone in R. We all have our moments!

@rythur @data_science Yes, I'm liking this one much better. I need examples like everyone else, but as a computer scientist (and a tabletop gamer), I want the rules laid out explicitly. This book does that, points out where R's way is handy, and also points out the gotchas.

@peterdrake @data_science Heck yeah! I'm glad it's working out. This is the beauty of the internet sometimes. Enjoy and vectorize what you can!

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