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"Wait. Your business plan is to wait until the room smells interesting and then capture it in a candle?"

I wired the brick up as a very small external monitor, so you can, for instance, play Doom on it.

A group of people in a room staring at their phones. Every half hour or so a different one looks up and complains about how everyone else does nothing but look at their phones.

Title for a book recommendation blog:

A Danger to My Shelf and Others

Honest question: Is there anyone here fluent in both and who prefers R?

I know Python well and am still learning R. It feels kludgy, extremely context-sensitive, and more like an accreted bag of tricks than a designed programming language.

Maybe this is just my fear of change / computer scientist bias or issues with the particular book I'm reading. A part of me feels that students minoring (and someday majoring) in should know R because it's widely used, but another part worries that teaching them this inferior tool is doing them a disservice.

Is there an R champion in the house?

Most languages:

true is a boolean
2 is an integer
2.0 is a double
2L is a long integer


TRUE is a logical
2 is a double
2.0 is a double
2L is an integer

For added fun, the last three are displayed the same way (2).


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