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The best way to get a preview of new Android phones is to watch an iPhone keynote.

Somebody translated Blizzard Entertainment to Burmese on wikipedia and I was like “What circus or band is this?”

Wish the government just ban Zawgyi font. Font question mark boxes in freaking 2018!

VK hype is dead. Everybody’s back to facebook again 😂

Oh today is 9/11. I was too young to know anything at that time but I remember my young self digging through old black and white newspapers searching for articles several years later.

My mom(she’s Chinese) just showed me a video of a tv host heavily criticizing two women for not knowing what 9 virtues of Buddha are. She said the comments are saying they’re freaking useless and the fault is onto their parents, and she’s going to be blamed because I never pray. Now imagine breaking her the news that I’m now an atheist. Sorry Buddha I don’t dislike you or your teachings. I just detest your Myanmar fandom(any hardcore burmese, chinese, indian, other ethics included) doesn’t even have privacy policy. Founder said “Use real name and real ph number for verification purposes”. I would rather trust Zuckerberg than some burmese dude.

Time to delete medium account I suppose. Lately the content quality has gone down and too many member only posts appear on my feed. Can’t really shill out that much membership cost either and not really useful for my life.

@phyu When I was around 12, my mom bought two very thick fiction books and insisted me to read saying it’s knowledgeable. They’re two volumes of Arabian nights, and oc I read them and find them very intriguing and refreshing. No “every parent love their children”, “teachers’ ve the best interest for their students”, “dhammas’ power is phenomenal” bullshit! I find some disagreeable topics but didn’t stop reading bc I’m pretty immersed in the stories. One day the books mysteriously disappeared, my mom probably read and found them too much mature for a kid, and decided to get rid of them. :( I tried to read the english version years later but they aren’t the same. English version is too hard to read for me.

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Buddhist fictions are like Harlequin of religious novels. Some fresh idea taken, always the same ending. Guess who’s the good guy? It’s Gautama! The bad guy? Mara! Who wins in the end? Oc the good guy, Gautama!!! And Gautama got born either in royal families or noble families. Or if he’s an animal, he’s one of those *good* animals. So boring...

Came into a conclusion that I in fact dislike dogs

Ooredoo is offering 1GB internet package for 999 kyats! 🙌🏻 (it’s like 0.66 USD) That’s why I keep using them even though they cut off my line when a blackout happens.

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Is there a way to delete my fb posts and comments automatically? I used a firefox plugin last time I tried but the laptop heats up and freezes after some time so no go. And to delete them manually, I don’t want to read and cringe very hard at shit I said about a year ago.

What a random dream! I dreamt posted on their instagram “There’re plenty of fish in the sea but don’t be the wrecked ship the only place you’re looking at for” with a photo of a submerged ship. And that the photo got 155,000 something likes while their other photos on instagram got only around 1500 likes. Tooting before I forgot.

Logged into fb because can’t contain curiosity and there’s a message from a friend asking me if I’m dead

Myanmar politics 

Suddenly Russia has became bff with Myanmar, according to posts on VK

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