I lifted double of my body weight today three times and beltless. It may be the heaviest shit I’ve ever lifted. :ablobcool: They were deadlifts from pins, not the full way off the floor, but that was after my normal deadlifts (4*5 of my body weight). My glutes are not going to be a happy bun tomorrow. :ablobderpyhappy:

@kr1s000 The feeling when the barbell bents is amazing!

@kai I just wanted to see what I can do. Now I’m tempted to add extra 5kg next time. 😆

I wish my squats were as good as deadlifts, but my core is still too weak to handle it (in theory one should be able to squat as much as deadlift).

@prz80 I get really scared when the weight gets that heavy. Even working up to it gradually…a lot is still a lot 😅

@kai Gradually? I suffer a terrible disease. It’s called a lack of patience. 🙃

@prz80 every strength is a weakness.

I'm patient…apparently infinitely so.

My first guitar teacher said I would be 90 years old before I finished a song. 😂

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