Marketing done right. Next time in London, I must get a photo on this commemorative bench for “Afterlife”. It’s located in Queens Park.

An interesting fact: Citroën logo (the double chevron) is based on the design of metal gears which André Citroën saw in Cegielski factory in Poznań in 1900.

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I need to buy a car in near future (I tried to avoid having one, but in my place there is no infrastructure for bikes and public transport almost doesn’t exist).
I’m looking to lease a small electric car. I was doing my research and fell in love with Citroën AMI :ablobaww:

Food after workout: my own recipe for Mexican-style chicken with veggies and pyzy (type od steamed dumplings).

Waiting for some Poles to tell me that’s not pyzy. 🤣

I’ve done some rowing today. I didn’t have access to a rower for over a year, so I’m not in form at all. My favourite endurance training.

I’ve done some a pyramid intervals which I set to concentrate on pace and rate (not speed or distance). It feels good! :ablobcaramelldansen:

I’m reading about the etymology of Polish word “filiżanka” (because what might be better to do on Saturday night).

It comes from Romanian “filigean” which comes from Ottoman Turkish فنجان‎ (fincan) that comes from Persian فنجان‎ (fenjân) which came from classical Persian پنگان‎ (pengân). ☕️

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