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Another day, another book. :blobcatread:

“Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World” by Victoria Finlay.

Why would I read it? Some time ago I’ve read two other books by this author and I loved them, especially “Colour” – a kind of memoir about writing her earlier book. “Colour” is an amazing history of pigments, dyes and paints. Everyone who is a bit interested in art and design should read it. I hope the book on history of fabrics will be as much interesting.


I came across this book with quotes and small snippets of gay history: “Little book of pride: quotes to live by”. Great, it’s printed in Dubai where gays face tortures and death penalty for being themselves. :blobcatfacepalm:

Interesting article on how to set up goals (exercise goals, nutrition goals, and really any other non-fitness goals). Human behaviour is sooo predictable. 😄

Book for today is “Gay Bar. Why we went out” by Jeremy Atherton Lin.

10% in and so far so good. Some useless but interesting facts such as in 1985 Vauxhall council decreed a ten-minute maximum for police officers in public toilets. The new law that was attempted to put an end to the decades-long tradition of assigning so-called pretty police to London toilets with the intention of ensnaring insatiable homos. 😜

I finished “Pierre & Bill” last night. Interesting characters and interesting plot. It’s very good.

4/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Time to prep cook something for next few days. My own recipe of spicy Mexican-style chicken with beans and plenty of veggies. It goes well with rice, potatoes, pita bread, buckwheat groats etc. 👨🏻‍🍳

time :blobcoffee:

Italian panettone tastes exactly same as Irish barmbrack.

I’ve never counted how many I read, so I set a reading challenge on Goodreads for 2022: 52 books, one a week. :blobcatread:

It’s been said that how you spend New Year’s Day, that’s how the whole year will look like. So I went to the 🏋🏻‍♂️

Happy New Year, Fedi! :ablobparty:

(Куннэй «Дьээбэ» – the song is sung in yakut language from Sacha / Yakutia, Siberia)

Friends gave me this “Japanese” coffee made in the Netherlands. It doesn’t say what it is or where it comes from. I’ll give it a go tomorrow if I can find my coffee grinder. ☕️

🎶 Time for some

Dans une soirée parisienne j’évacue toute ma haine et je meurs
Comme une bombe dans un concert, un soleil dans l’hémisphère, je meurs
Mon corps se déchaîne, je danse à perdre haleine et je meurs
Je suis un amoureux du vice, un putain de terroriste et je meurs

Sers-toi un dernier verre
Je veux que tu finisses par terre
J’veux m’envoyer en l’air
Goûter l’atmosphère

Vas-y oublie tout, oublie tout
Vas-y oublie tout, oublie tout

Dans cette jeunesse abyssale je cherche mon idéal et je meurs
Coincé entre un whisky coca et un shot de tequila, je meurs
Du rhum à chez moi, je sens qu’il n’y a qu’un pas mais je meurs
Ça y est je cherche la sortie, le sens de ma vie et je meurs

Sers toi un dernier verre
Je veux que tu finisses par terre
J’veux m’envoyer en l’air
Goûter l’atmosphère

J’laisserai mon lexique dans la tise
J’me socialise, j’improvise
Je minimise mon analyse
Je cicatrise dans l’alcoolisme
Au fond je crois que j’agonise
Au fond je crois que j’agonise

Sers-toi un dernier verre
Je veux que tu finisses par terre
J’veux m’envoyer en l’air
Goûter l’atmosphère

Therapie TAXI: Coma Idyllique

My mobile phone contract expires soon and I’m thinking of changing the phone number – it would be nice to take back control and make sure only people I want have my number. Although, I would need to make changes in banks and everywhere else which is not fun…

Christmas is over, time to prepare for Spring. I’ve got some hyacinths of unknown colours.

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