@pschwede Back when antifa actually beat up the people who deserved it rather than old men in MAGA hats.

Sorry but I fled america to live int he netherlands because of the violence I personally witnessed from Antifa on multiple occasions. One of which involved them throwing explosives (dangerous fireworks) at an old couple because one guy wore a MAGA hat.

I am anti trump, but I am also anti antifa.

@pschwede Why, do they throw explosives at old people there too?

I love anti-fascists in general, we are talking about Antifa (capital A)

@freemo there are very few occasions for observations of our very active Antifa in combination with MAGA hats here.

@pschwede Well its certainly possible that the members of Antifa in Germany are far more sane and reasonable than those in America. In fact I'd expect like with many things the version here in Europe is likely far more sane and reasonable than their counterparts in America. If that is the case I'd have nothing against the ones here. I havent met them so I cant form an opinion of them.

@pschwede The ones in america certainly are not, but then again i expect in germany they arent carrying explosives and knives on them in the hopes of using them. So going in their perspective is likely very different than the American version.

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