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i'm not sure if I comprehended what said about corporate corruption...

It's not a lack of courage to fight "climate change", . Some people just don't believe in it.

Don't paint us all as cruel and weak sister.

(I can say sister, I'm black.)

Remember folks, the Democrat party regularly draws the ire of many in the military as well as 9/11 victims' families and friends.

Yup. Agree with that we don't do enough for our veterans. The VA needs to be revamped. But that doesn't mean we stop sending people overseas.

: Migrants from latin America should have better opportunities where they live so they don't need to make a dangerous journey to America.

Host: What makes ' socialism different than that in Venezuela?

: But my socialism is democratic! Like Scandanavia and Canada!

YES we FIGHT terrorism! We don't give up because the war's too long!

Which mean yes, we keep bombing ISIS.

If had all his mental faculties he'd have a shot at the presidency.

says our troops don't need to be over in the middle east. So did .

Both are wrong. 's military advisers says we still have not beaten ISIS.

If and drop out I'll finally be able to properly pronouce everybody's names lol

I agree with that we need to end endless wars. But the war isn't over, so we don't keel over just to end the war. We continue to fight so that we win.

I'm surprised how much I'm agreeing with in this debate...glad he is being more centrist.

why can't we bomb terrorism out of Afghanistan? Bombs do an exceptional job at killing terrorists...

Hey hey hey promised to bring troops home and he actually did it, didn't he? I should probably fact check this...

but if we don't use tariffs how else can we pressure foreign nations on trade?

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