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I always think it’s so humbling when someone says “I was a cook, I was never a chef”. The culinary industry is known for being toxic, but one thing I think they do quite right is stratifying their workforce. Meanwhile, in tech we have people selling themselves as senior devs after just a few years working. What’s more, we have the terminology to do so: programming, developer, software engineer…

Having to restarting your computer because the esc key disappeared, that's hilarious…!! 😂 is such a badly designed website. You load it up, and all you see is a heading and lots and lots of whitespace. Function before form, people! is such a badly designed website. You load it up, and all you see is a heading and lots and lots of whitespace. Function before form, people!

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> But shutting down Google search could be highly disruptive not just to consumers. Google’s search algorithm, combined with other products like Google Maps, enable it to provide contextual answers such as a local plumber, shop opening times and directions. Google also powers the search functions on many websites, including the Guardian.

Maybe the problem isn’t with the Australian law (of which I have no opinion) that would ”force” Google to close their search there, but rather the fact that so much of modern infrastructure is dependent on a single company

> They might have to ensure their services are compliant with a number of different search engines, and advertise across them.

Oh no! How terrible it would be to operate in a market that isn’t dominated by a monopoly

Local police station closed on a Thursday afternoon

The New York Times describing a 404 error as ““Not Found” in plain font” (ignoring the use of “font” when they meant “typeface”) is just hilarious, and very telling of how much the Web has changed, that it’s users don’t recognise the terminology that was once so common because of the frequency of its occurrence. Also, for all ye bounty hunters, the White Houses uses Wordpress, just sayin’

Is it a dumb idea to write production JavaScript code that uses Church-encoded union types? I’m guessing yes…

One thing I have really come to learn in the past few months is the absolute privilege it is to work in an industry where I am in demand. There are just so many things that don’t affect me or I don’t have to worry about because of how valuable my skill set is. Instead of just teaching kids to do find a career that makes them happy, we should also teach them how to find a career that makes their life easy.

There should be a range of kitchen appliances — toasters, microwaves, fridges, etc — where the opaque plastic casing is replaced with transparent, just for the pure aesthetic wonder

TIL Scotland has no official legal tender bank notes, only legal tender coins. The retail banks that issue the promissory cash notes must have their value in backed assets.


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@Jkp I was reading about this effect recently. Apparently they call it RAS syndrome:

Say what you will about Apple, but this 6-year-old laptop is still going strong

It’s a real shame that the standard communication platforms provide so little typographic customisation. If I want to send someone a message in a thick gothic form, why shouldn’t I be able to?

Why is it socially acceptable to say “British variant” but not “Chinese coronavirus”? Just saying, seems like a bit of a double standard

Great blog post about the fragility of open source: Personally, I think we really need to focus on making software simpler rather than just piling on so much complexity that hundreds of dependencies are even needed in the first place

JIRA is a such an absolutely awful tool. Whose brilliant idea was it to use different editors when creating an issue vs editing one‽‽ Different vertical spacing, different em-dash conversion… Nothing short of infuriating!

Just casually blanching my potatoes in a solution of sodium chloride, mono-sodium glutamate, and sodium bicarbonate — yay, science!

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"My peanut butter says best before Feb 9 2020.

Weren't we all"

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