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@rnitsch @freemo Why do you try to keep @throgh out of the future discussion?The hashtags he uses fit perfectly for what he says about German politics.There's very much wrong.And no,we're not obsessed.We talk that much about Nazis these days because of the things which happened in Chemnitz.There were AfD and Pegida Nazis who protested against people from other countries.That's the real problem.The Antifa is just trying to stop these people.

Just so I can follow, this isnt a criticism. When you say Nazi for you mean "people who are racist". Or do you mean an actual Nazi (A person who loves Hitler and supports mass genocide of minorities)?

Not that either is acceptable, just trying to follow the thread and understand the language.

@rnitsch @throgh

@freemo @rnitsch @throgh I'm not sure if they all like Hitler.Some of them do.10 of them were caught by the police for showing Hitlers greeting which is forbidden in Germany.But all of them are racists and hate migrants.

Thanks for the clarity. Would you say its accurate that it is simply being used interchangeably for anyone who is racist then?

@rnitsch @throgh

@freemo @rnitsch @throgh No,Hitlers greeting is only used by the most extreme of them.I can't look into their heads and I would say that a big majority of them like what Hitler did or do at least think that it wasn't totally wrong but only a part of them shows it to the public because,as I already said,it's forbidden in Germany.
@freemo @nipos @rnitsch So should we try to pull this discussion out of insult? Or is this your way, Mr. Nitsch? You did the same with Nipos, just to note about. And yes: The AfD is within a whole a far-right, racist party. Nothing more, nothing less. And all the discussion yesterday was nothing more than delivering some rational arguments for you "hypothesing". But what next? Not "all" of the AfD? Okay, numbers and some more statistics as proof of exactly only your view. If you want to talk, you should also NOT use the wording "leftists". Otherwise you just tend build up some victim-role for yourself. Besides that this word is just used already from alt-right positions. But that's just details!
@nipos @freemo @rnitsch Thing is: "Leftist" as word is comparable to "Linke" in German. And both words are just used to build some groups for hate-mongering. When there would be interest for a real talk this is exactly diametrically. Nipos has not blocked Mr. Nitsch so far. Of course: I also use screenshots but with arguments and also with addressing the people here, especially when somebody is with an account active. That's not polite and complete against the way "Dialog statt Hass" (Debate, not hate) stands for!

It's the known paradigm: Divide and conquer. Just delivering some shout into the timeline and perhaps earning some markups or comments. Those are again used, if they are in some kind against the own point of view. These are the tactics the party AfD is using all the time. Escalation and afterwards being not made responsible. That's far away what I understand by the sentence "taking responsibility". That's no dialog and we had this yesterday. But I know what was done: Better to just argument with the administration instead with concrete points.

Perhaps you could tell us your motivation for being within the AfD, Mr. Nitsch? Or drawing some consequences from persons like Björn Höcke and some more escalations?
@rnitsch  But well I see that your strawman is definitely out-of-business for now. Or do you have some more "argumentum ad hominem"-flaws right now? Hey nice "dialog" you have. For me it is right more complicated to contact others because with GNU-social I need to add as a contact. For #Mastodon and #Pleroma it is more easy to get a quick look and ask for communication. Nice to know that you are just have no further interest in talking and discussions. Really good demonstration! :-)

But you do recognize that I use those hashtags to criticize the system in a whole? Well, of course you do. But that's not your business. You just take this as argumentation being harassed and your "freedom of speech" meant to be restricted. <sarcasm>Woah, I criticized Germany. My country of origin. How could I even think about it?</sarcasm>

Do you really want this guy having home at your instance, @freemo? This is just the first starting point for now and there are enough people having a big problem with such discussion culture here. @nipos

@throgh @nipos @freemo

Haha, ad hominem, that's ridiculous. Do you even understand what you are saying? Ad hominem is when you attack someone for their looks or some other superficial stuff.

In contrast, I simply pointed out the contents of your posts here in the Fediverse and how it looks like you're really a leftist extremist.

If it's morally wrong to reference the writings of other persons, then please explain to me why you do the same thing to me in order to try and denounce me as a "Nazi". I hate double standards like that.

When you like to criticize the system as a whole, you should maybe use hashtags that are less generalizing and offensive to whole nations. Calling a whole nation a "wretched piece" is very generalizing and not helpful in any way.

Last but not least: So far it's mostly you two guys that have a problem with me. You could just block me. But that's not your objective, right? You simply want to get me censored, because you are extreme leftists and want to push your agenda. For you guys, the majority of the german population is already "Nazi", and that's why you hate the AfD so much, because they're even more "Nazi" in your eyes. In reality, they are just moderate conservatives. In reality, you're so far on the left side of the political spectrum, that almost every normal thinking person is a "Nazi" for you.

@rnitsch Wow, you know what you had written? You just take the postings and make them kind of a radical argumentation. You pointed out only how disrespectful you are. That's the point and therefore I'm very friendly now with my description. I have not called YOU in person anything until now. Read again: I asked questions and was until now very patient. But indeed I have a problem: You think you discuss here? Think again. I'm was so kind and linked the complete talk. Nothing happened. You wanted to write an entry on your blog. I've contradicted because of speaking directly. Instead there was the discussion when @freemo asked for it because of problems with your political views and your texts you've written before. That's the history and now we are here. Again you think this is about you in person. Do I have some personal problems? No. But I have problems with the mindset you want to build up and proclaim. That's the point. And that's the point @nipos is talking about. Read again: There are many people here having problems and you are even now unwilling to reflect? That's your way, not mine.

I know your new here, but please keep in midn QOTO is first and foremost about building bridges. Your style of discussion doesnt seem conducive to that. Consider changing your style of discussion to be less adverserial and more give and take.

You said early on your purpose of debate was to challenge your own preconceptions. That isnt what I'm seeing, what I see is you trying to preach to others your views, trying to convince people your right, and masking it as debate.

I understand you feel attacked, and that often gives rise to defensiveness, but just as you say they could have walked away from the conversation so can you.

I dont want to just ban you, i really dont. I would much rather see you grow as a person and take something more positive away. If i ban you no good has come of your expiernce here. If I show you love, and try to teach you to show love as well, then maybe good can come.

@throgh @nipos

@freemo @throgh @nipos

Dr. Freemo, you just literally stated that
- you think my views are destructive.
- I'm trying to convince people that I am right, and masking it as a debate.
- I'm walking a very dangerous and a very fine line.
- you don't want me to feel like an enemy, but rather more like a fellow human, even a friend, who has just lost their way.
- you want to show me some love and help me find the right path.

You also implied that I don't seem "healthy" (you put it in quotes yourself).

The first two points hurt me the most. But all of it sounds pretty condescending from my point of view.

May I respectfully ask what views of mine you regard as 'destructive'?

Well we discussed that earlier. The fact that you think it is important to tell people turkish people are more violent while dismissing the systemic causes of that violence. That was a big example. And no I dont think that pattern is a healthy one.

Open dialoge also means hearing people's honest opinions of your views. I personally find much of your focus in debates to be unsavory. I'd much rather try to change your mind and engage you as a human I care about than to exile you however.

@throgh @nipos


I do not agree with his views, I think they are destructive. I don't think he represents the way most people on our instance think or interact. I also havent followed the whole conversation because nothing was reported. Please if you feel he was hateful to anyone at anytime please report it I may have just missed it.

We have a team of moderators, it isnt just my call. Banning is something we take very seriously so if you think a post was made that was hateful you'd have to report it and that will initiate a vote among the administrators.

If it is simply that he has an unpopular view that wont get him banned but racism or hate would, so please if you see any examples of that (since i have not seen every message please report it.

In short, he has not recieved any reports from any users yet to raise concerns, so no moderators have needed to vote on any actions or violations.

I will also take the time shortly to review the conversation as well, since this appears to be a concern for you and at least one other. So I will give it the time it deserves now that you tagged me.

@nipos @rnitsch

My pleasure, I sympathize with your frustrations. He is walking a very dangerous and a very fine line.

I'd like to try to heal the community, not just exile people from it who dont seem "healthy". So I'd us to try to show this guy some love and see if we help him find the right path. I don't like to give up on people, I dont think that fixes the problems. At the same time there are limits...

@nipos @rnitsch

@freemo That's the point. So I think to clarify therefore my usage of #Deutschland-du-mieses-Stück. :) It's some kind of feeling helpless against repression and really bad behavior in common. Of course I know that's provocation, but I also want to point out that no nationality is important. Every earthling is important and so healing is some other way I'm walking. Taking in regard also reflection. But I'm shocked about the rising of prejudices and making harassment to some kind of common sense - as written yesterday very often. Don't take yourself being so important, because there are others. That's my way on walking! @nipos @rnitsch

@throgh I hear ya, I can relate to a lot of that.
The question im left with is what can we do as a community to help him be the best person he can be. To show him how he can do good for all races and why his current perspective is counter to that.

If we just exile him we wont help as much as we might if we can show him he is cared about too, we just want him to care about others more, like we care about him. I dont want him to feel like the enemy but rather more like a fellow human, even a friend, who has just lost their way. Maybe I'm being naive but I think its what the world needs to heal

@nipos @rnitsch

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