I'm thinking about hosting an instance of MediaGoblin to keep my photos organized. Any good or bad experiences? Suggestions? Alternatives?

@rodolpho I tried media goblin, didn't much like it and it doesnt use activitypub for federation so its federation capabilities are effectively nil.

Any particular reason you picked it? I tried about half a dozen different server software before I finally picked the one I use ( ). When i setup the server PixelFed wasnt really usable at the time, but I might give it another go now that it has matured a bit...

@freemo Thanks!

I don't have a complex use-case, I just need a photo/video storage/organizer. I have the files in personal NextCloud instance, but their Photos application doesn't really work (it's not detecting picture, very limited on how I can organize media).

@rodolpho @freemo Need the same but with face recognition feature on top. any hints?

@freemo Checked Piwigo and it also doesn't support HEIF formats :(

@rodolpho Did you look with their plugins. There are a **lot** of plugins. I am using like 30 of them at my sight.

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