Today I got some bad news. The disease which has already taken my right-side hearing is progressing much faster than expected. Our expectation was for a similar hearing loss on the left side in a 10-15 year time frame. We now expect the left-side hearing to be gone in at most 12 months.

I'm still in shock. So is my family.
We've taken a few days off to process this.

I'm making a playlist with all the music I must hear in the next months.

Please add your suggestions here ( and share this around.

@tilderadio Being a radio, you might be in touch with people who can help me out :)

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@rodolpho best to you & yours through this change. May you hear laughter & birds & the voices of those you hold dear.

A song? Here’s a fine one. Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians - I Say It’s Spinach. The first stanza is played but not sung. These are the words we do not hear...

We must keep smiling & play the game
While life keeps hurrying on
For there was trouble before we came
'Twill be here after we're gone
So we'll just have to prepare
To snap our fingers at care

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