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Trying to learn about the Catuṣkoṭi and it's hard getting out of the classical logic mindset.

RIP Cecília Tanaka.
I wish I had been a good friend to you just as much as you were a good friend to me.

Watching volleyball game in the Olympics. This format sucks. I much prefer the 5 sets of 15 points plus serve advantage rules (pre-2000).

It surprises me how the "research finds banning hateful content reduces its reach" article is getting shared as some big discovery. It's censorship - its whole purpose is to reduce the reach of the content.

The controversy is on who gets to define what is hateful or not and then force their point of view on others.

"In 2018, Utah passed the first free-range parenting law, which prevents investigating parents for neglect if they allow their children to play outside or engage in similar independent activities, like walking to school or staying at home without supervision."

What? They needed laws to allow the normal?

I still cry when watching the movie Warrior. Not sure if this is a signal of layers of the story which I haven’t peeled yet and communicate to me, or exactly the opposite.

Learning American Sign Language has been an amazing experience. It's giving me a whole different perspective on communication, culture, social dynamics and even technology.

I remember seeing this picture on the timeline from a sign saying something like "computers are not liable so they should not make decisions", but I can't find it anymore... has anyone else seen it? have a link?

Just announced my aggregator for capsules written in : gemini://

If you have a capsule in Portuguese, let me know!

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