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People watched “Social Dilemma” and somehow came out with the idea that traditional media (TV, newspapers, radio) is immune to those problems and hasn’t gone down the same road ?!?!

Working from office: Learn how to disconnect from work to be with family.

Working from home: Learn how to disconnect from family to concentrate on work.

The second one was a much greater challenge.

My 6yo son yesterday during family boardgame time:
"Dad are we in my brain?"
"What do you mean son?"
"What if I'm sleeping and dreaming all of you? What if you are sleeping and I'm just one of your dreams?"

Woah, I wasn't prepared to discuss this so early, but we had a great time.

Looking for an EPUB reader for my tablet with a single use case: reading EPUB books.
No analytics. No crash reports. No sync. No cloud access.
Let me read my book, alone.

My energy provider sent me this nice report with the source type breakdown. More information for better decision making.

I'm looking for a keyboard with the following:
* MX Green switches
* Backlit
* 87+ keys
* Heavy body
* In stock (or deliverable before end of September)

* PBT keycaps
* USB-C interface

Lunduke's argument should cause some discomfort:

if you're out there defending the replacement of master/slave terminology because it *reminds* people of slavery, but at the same time use a MacBook, an iPad or an iPhone, which are produced by slave-like labor, you should rethink some choices.

First recommendation for today's playlist.
Come on YouTube, why do you want to see me cry this early in the morning?

On the bird site I see some people praising Parler as an alternative. Alternative to what? Definitely not centralization and the consequences of it.

For those who celebrate (or demand) a political stand from companies, media channels, celebrities, a poet once said:

"Your friendship is a fog
That disappears when the wind redirects"

I always pronounced Gemini as "Gem-uh-knee" and today a friend pronounced as "Gem-uh-nigh" so I went to check on the dictionary and it had the latter as the correct one. WHAT?!

I was pretty sure all the documentaries I watched used "knee" - I went back and watched some again, there it is.

Then I found this posted by the NYT.

I'm assuming the protocol is also pronounced with a "knee" given it's name was inspired by the space program.

I have to take some new medication this week. The list of side-effects is extensive and impressive.

I already knew about placebo effect, but this is the first time I see survival-bias based medication: if you survive these side-effects, any disease will be meaningless.

So many governments botching their responses to

My maternal grandmother would have been 93 today.
I miss her.

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