And here's my first :

There must be some framework or platform that can provide a bridge between the bird site and Mastodon. I'd prefer to be here, but most of the content is there. I don't know that I'd want the content simply "tooted" here by a bot, because I think that would break the interaction model (you'd end up boosting or retooting the bot, rather than the user who actually posted the content).

Maybe a partial answer would be something that makes it easier to respond to Twitter content on Mastodon (my main Mastodon client, Amoroq, doesn't have the necessary activity hook to be able to do that easily from either TweetBot or Twitter). There might be real value (to me at least, and probably other iOS users) in having a "bridging" app, that would allow you to post or link content from various iOS apps (Twitter, Safari, etc.) with optional text, and tags of some kind indicating what action should be taken (e.g., save for later reading, post to a configured Mastodon account, publish to a blog, etc.).

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