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Here's a fantastic article on how eScooters could positively impact our transportation infrastructure:

@ajroach42 maybe some kind of co-op or "customer-owned" corporate structure.

I'd definitely be interested in that kind of thing in my community, but I imagine it would be a tough sell to raise the necessary money.

@dvn @xj9 @alcinnz The focus on turning the browser into an application renderer has shifted focus away from conversations about things like proper semantic documents, etc.

There's still so much out there that could be improved on HTML documents.

For example the HTML -> Print pipeline is mess. There's all different types of messy tooling to convert HTML a PDF and then to Print. We should be able to have tex-like reproducible styling for our HTML documents.

(or for that matter e-readers! We should've never needed to create new formats for displaying text on an e-reader. HTML should've been more than capable!)

@ajroach42 I think a lot of that stems from two sources:

First, how taboo it is for regular people to talk about their incomes, which makes it harder to talk about finances in general,

And second, in many households the man is still the primary earner (right or wrong), and we tend to have this misguided idea that we need to be strong. As we all tend to have problems with money, we're hesitant to show that weakness to our kids.

I see lots of people arguing that microsoft's open source efforts are in good faith.

I don't believe that is possible, and I won't believe that is possible until microsoft releases critical components of their software under the (a)gpl version 3 or later.

Microsoft spent years operating under a model of Embrace Extend Extinguish, and we have no reason to believe that they have changed.

Microsoft is your enemy. The fact that they are embracing a thing you love should terrify you.

It’s 2019. Can we all now please stop saying “climate change” and instead call it what it is: climate breakdown, climate crisis, climate emergency, ecological breakdown, ecological crisis and ecological emergency?
#ClimateBreakdown #EcologicalBreakdown

"Our system – characterised by perpetual economic growth on a planet that is not growing – will inevitably implode."

I suppose I should be posting here more. I'll have more time when my class ends in a month.

However, so much of where I focus my attention on social media involves my local community that I simply don't have as much to post here, at least for the time being.

I hope soon to be doing more writing on technical internet-related topics (making accessible to non-technical people), and I'll likely be sharing stuff related to that work here.

I feel like this could help inform an approach to dealing with some of the dangers of big tech companies.

Maybe replace "consumers" with "citizens?"

And there's definitely something to be said for the idea that not everything a consumer wants to do should be allowed.

@interneteh an interesting corollary to this is that we also need to have more insight into the generation and distribution process so that we can exercise more responsibility in how (and especially when) we consume electricity.

@interneteh I'm sure.

I'm not looking to grow blueberries, and I drink a lot of coffee, so I'll likely have to include something else (maybe newspaper?) to counteract that.

@interneteh I've read that coffee grounds are fairly acidic compost.

Did the qoto admins block a domain or kick a user off the instance? Our federated feed is significantly less filled with crap than it was a few weeks ago.

Brief flash of insight.

I've been reading Network Propaganda by Yochai Benkler et al. They describe a media that operates with a "reality check dynamic:" there's a balance between information that confirms our beliefs (comfortable) and information that counters our beliefs (uncomfortable).

Those who can't handle intellectual discomfort are more vulnerable to propaganda. Maybe we need to make "information stoicism" more of a habit.

@interneteh I've long hated that trope, as if merely exposing evil is enough to stop it.

Too many people don't have enough shame for transparency and "sunlight" to be an adequate substitute for deliberate action.

@tjemni I think for some people it is. I mean even for us it is to a certain point (we're both here, rather than on our own Mastodon instances, for example).

And there's plenty of data I'd be more okay sharing if either it wasn't being so commercially exploited, or if I knew it was guaranteed to be more tightly controlled. It's not just a binary thing in my mind.

I got all excited to be horrified and indignant when I read the headline.

But apparently I'd turned off that "feature" long ago.

there is a huge difference between wanting your phone to use location services and wanting the phone to keep a database around that tracks when you were where

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